Computed Tomography (CT) $500 – $750*

What is ct scanning?

A CT (computed tomography) is an exam that produces multiple images of your internal organs, bones, soft tissue and blood vessels.

CT imaging is one of the fastest and most accurate tools for our physicians to examine your chest, abdomen and pelvis and is often the best method for detecting various cancers, diagnosing spinal problems, injuries, vascular diseases and pulmonary embolisms.

Northwest Radiology strives to offer the most comfortable environment for our CT patients. We are here from start to finish to assist you and ensure you have a stress-free experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Provides more detail than traditional x-rays, especially of your soft tissues and blood vessels
  • One of the fastest and most accurate scanning tools
  • Uses x-ray technology to produce a 3D image of a cross section of your body
  • Safe, quick and painless
  • Allows for high-resolution images with extremely low doses of radiation

  • Your CT scan will take approximately 30 minutes. The technologist will help position you on a padded table, which is part of the CT scanner.
  • The table you will lie on will be positioned to move inside a large ring, called a gantry.
  • After the procedure begins, the table will move a small distance every few minutes as a new image is taken. You will hear sounds of gears and motors as you move through the gantry, signaling the imaging process is in operation.
  • An x-ray tube inside this gantry will focus a narrow beam of x-rays across a slice of your body. Receptors, also inside the gantry, will relay x-ray information to a computer. The x-ray tube will rotate around the body, while scanning it.

  • A computer will analyze the receptor’s readings and then convert this information into an image on a video screen.
  • A Northwest Radiology board-certified physician trained in CT will study this image and determine if more tests are needed.
  • Results are sent to your ordering physician and also posted to our patient portal.

What to Expect from Your CT Procedure


Watch this video to learn how to prepare for your CT procedure and get the clearest images from your exam.

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Very soothing stuff for first time CT patient. Thanks!"

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Everyone was so thoughtful and professional. I managed to get the exact date and time I needed to fit my schedule."

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What to expect from your CT Procedure?

Watch this video to learn how to prepare for your CT procedure and get the clearest images from your exam.

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